Here’s How Namgoong Min Achieved That Massive Body Transformation For His New Role In “The Veil”

We can’t believe this is the same person!

Some actors are known for the level of commitment they are willing to give to the characters they portray. This can include anything, including changing their look to putting on muscle or dieting. In the case of K-Drama actor Namgoong Min, the latter is true for his new series, The Veil, where the actor has shown just how committed he is to his job.

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Over the years, the actor has shown many different sides of himself but has been mostly known, visually, for his more soft, good looks.

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He would frequently take on the roles of secondary romantic lead characters.

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With his new show, The Veil, being the story of a NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent, Namgoong Min worked hard to make himself visually fit the part as much as possible.

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On a recent episode of I Live Alone, Namgoong Min stopped by to discuss his new series and give insight into how he has gotten into such good shape for his show.

He revealed that he had quit eating gluten in January and been keeping a restricted diet of only carbs and protein to get into this impressive shape. He had even chosen to forgo water for protein-based drinks.

His daily workout routine involves 3-4 hours at the gym to maintain his new look.

Even the cast of I Live Alone was amazed at the transformation, gawking at a previous clip that showed only a few years prior in the same location looking like a completely different person.

Fans on Twitter have been appreciating the actor’s hard work. Many are impressed with his transformation.

Most fans, however, can’t get over just how good the actor looks.

With fans already buzzing about Namgoong Min’s daesang potential for his role in The Veil, we are excited to see what the future holds for him.