Namyang Dairy Products Have Distanced Themselves From Hwang Ha Na Following Her Drug Allegations

They claim Hwang Ha Na has nothing to do with the company.

Hwang Ha Na is the granddaughter of the founder of Namyang Dairy Products and the ex-fianceé of JYJ’s Park Yoochun. She is suspected of using drugs and receiving favourable treatment from the police.

Despite her position as the only granddaughter of the company’s founder, Namyang Dairy Products have completely distanced themselves from Hwang Ha Na in a statement they released:

Hwang Ha Na has no relation to the management of Namyang Dairy Products and nobody in her family holds a job related to our business and any stock in the company. The company has no relation to the current allegations of Hwang Ha Na receiving favourable treatment due to her relation to our company’s founder.

– Namyang Dairy Products

They went on to talk about the damage the current allegations are doing to the company and their employees:

Some media outlets have been insinuating that Namyang Dairy Products was involved because Hwang Ha Na is the company’s late founder’s granddaughter. Because of this, many of our employees, distributors, dairy farmers and their families are suffering damages.

– Namyang Dairy Products

Source: Naver
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