Nana Is Gaining Attention For Her Reaction To A Rookie Actress’s Nerves At The “Mask Girl” Press Conference

Nana responded to the actress’s nerves ASAP!

Korean star Nana has gained attention online after her reaction to a rookie actress’s nerves at a press conference showcases her true personality.

Korean star Nana | @jin_a_nana/Instagram

On August 16, there was a press conference for the upcoming Netflix project Mask Girl, which is based on a dark webtoon following an office worker who is insecure about her looks and becomes a masked internet personality by night.

The teaser for “Mask Girl” | Netflix

Nana is one of the stars of the series, and she wowed at the event, looking beautiful in a simple black outfit and reacting to the reporters.

Yet, one person was unsurprisingly very nervous, and it was rookie actress Lee Han Byul. Not only is it one of the actress’s first roles, but she wasn’t announced for the series until the very last minute.

Rookie actress Lee Han Byul

So, it wasn’t shocking that the actress seemed very nervous as she made her way onto the stage.


Of course, while Nana started as an idol, she has plenty of experience in front of the press as both a singer and actress. It meant that following the event, the star gained attention for her reaction to the rookie star.

In photos of the three female celebrities, Nana could be seen holding Lee Han Byul’s hand while they were taking their photos.

Even in videos, while the handhold was visible in the photos, a clip shows Nana helping to guide the actress to the perfect spot in front of the cameras.

She also patted Lee Han Byul’s hand to reassure her that everything was going okay while staying very close to the rookie actress.

The photos quickly became a hot topic on the Korean forum theqoo, and it wasn’t surprising that the comments were full of netizens praising Nana but also sharing their sympathy for the rookie actress. While seniority counts for something in Korea, celebrities are always there to take care of juniors.

Source: theqoo

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