Nana Goes All Out Sexy With Her Deep V Neckline And Leg Slit Combo Dress At The 2020 KBS Drama Awards

The queen of sexy strikes again.

Nana once again proved why she is the queen of all things sexy with her dress at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards.

KBS is holding their annual awards show to celebrate all of their dramas for the year, and Nana was invited to attend as part of the cast of Memorials. Upon her arrival, she stunned the photographers in attendance and everyone online with her visuals and simply put, her dress.

Nana wore a slim, black dress that highlighted her body, including a deep V cut along the front of her dress that went all the way down to her waist.

She also sported a leg slit, and emphasized it just that much more by pulling at it just a bit, to boost her sexy level even higher.

But that’s not all, her dress also featured an open back design, with the entire upper half of her back exposed.

Even in the winter and while wearing a mask, nothing can stop Nana’s beauty and sexiness from radiating out.