Nana Says She Was Jealous of Former After School Member UEE

After School’s Nana revealed that she was jealous of former member UEE’s career.

Nana started her acting career at tvN’s Good Wife and received positive reviews on her acting, but she wasn’t always good at acting.

The first time she went to get her lessons, the trainer told her that she was really bad at acting.

“You really don’t know anything about acting, do you?”

— Acting Trainer

Although she was interested in acting from when she was 21 years old, she had to focus on her career as a singer and did not get much chance to get training for acting.

By that time, After School members UEE and Jooyeon were already acting and Nana was very jealous.

Even though she attended lessons and practiced acting whenever she had time, she always failed her auditions.

“I attended a lot of auditions. There were a lot of audition opportunities, but I was never able to get a role. Every time I failed, I focused more on acting and studied more. I think failing in so many auditions made me grow and realize how truthful I have to be when I am acting.”

— Nana

After spending countless hours practicing, she was able to get a role in Good Wife and finally publicly debut as an actress.

Now she’s even got a leading role in a movie, The Swindlers, and is slowly taking her steps toward becoming a veteran actress.

Source: Nate