Tennis Player Naomi Osaka Has Always Been A Certified BTS ARMY, And Here’s The Undeniable Proof

She even had a BTS stan account!

After the Tokyo 2020 Olympics started, it seems like athletes are proudly revealing their love of K-Pop. The latest athlete that has caught the attention of fans is Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, who has proved that she’s a huge BTS fan!

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka | @naomiosaka/ Instagram

On July 26, fans watching the tennis event noticed that, while Osaka was preparing for her match against Vondrousova, K-Pop fans were quick to hear that the song playing in the background was BTS’s track “Dream Glow.”

Although many BTS tracks have been played during the event, this one stood out because the track, from BTS World: Original Soundtrack, their collaboration with Charlie XCX isn’t as widely known.

When it was first announced that Osaka had played the strong during her practice, ARMYs immediately became detectives. By looking through her old social media posts, it seems as if Osaka has cemented herself as a hardcore ARMY!

In 2019, Osaka tweeted her love for BTS’s track “Make It Right,” which was the first song they released that was co-written with Ed Sheeran.

If that wasn’t enough, back in 2020, Osaka proved that she really is ARMY through and through by hinting about an old BTS stan account she used to have.

In the tweet, Osaka explained that she had an Instagram account called “free hobi’s forehead,” which came from K-Pop stans preferring idols to push their hair back rather than it being in their faces.

Yet, previous interviews with Osaka prove that she isn’t just an ARMY, but she is a pure K-Pop stan! Back in 2019, Osaka revealed that her love for BTS came from a long-standing admiration for K-Pop in general.

I got into BIGBANG and 2NE1, especially CL. I don’t know the year, sort of like when ‘Crush’ and stuff came out. And then I just saw BTS doing a lot of related stuff, so I was like, ‘Who are these kids?’ Then I slowly started getting into them during the ‘I Need U’ era.

| @naomiosaka/ Instagram

She even did the relatable thing of waking up at a crazy time to watch the group on an awards show, which shows she really is a dedicated fan. It seems as if Naomi Osaka is a true BTS fan and, even though she might not be in the Olympics anymore, she will have ARMYs support going forward!

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