Nathan Sykes Praises TXT’s Taehyun’s “Over And Over Again” Cover, Hints At Collab

Those past rumors may no longer be rumors.

About a week ago, TXT‘s Taehyun shared his full cover of Nathan Sykes‘s “Over And Over Again”. But, it wasn’t just any cover.

Since it had been recorded when he was a trainee, Taehyun shared the unedited version to convey his feelings of the time. It was a way for him to show how much he’d grown, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Nathan Sykes thanked him for releasing the full cover for everyone to hear. Then, he included something else interesting in his tweet. He stated, “Look forward to seeing you soon TXT.”

The last time Taehyun and Nathan Sykes talked on Twitter, MOAs thought a collaboration could be possible. Now, it seems likely to be true. Everyone will just have to wait and see.