“National Disgrace” Korean YouTubers In Thailand Are Severly Condemned After Thai News Calls Them Out For Sexually Objectifying And Harassing Thai Women

“I’m so embarrassed to be Korean…”

Netizens criticized Korean YouTubers in Thailand who were called out for harassing women and called them a “National disgrace.”

Several Korean YouTubers sexually objectify Thai women in their videos. Because of these people, there are anti-Korean sentiments (in Thailand).

— Whistleblower

On March 29, the Korean embassy in Thailand released a statement in which it called out Korean YouTubers for harassing local Thai women.

| Korean Embassy in Thailand

This is the Korean Embassy In Thailand,

Recently, we have been asked to caution our citizens (Koreans) from filming local citizens without their permission after it has been reported in the local media.

Livestreaming the act of ‘hunting’ (picking up) local women or filming the redlight district is disrespectful to the Thai people. Filming without permission and violating personal rights can lead to prosecution in Thailand.

Also, please be advised that in the case it is determined that (someone) filmed marijuana in Thailand for the purpose of making it known or soliciting, (the person) can be prosecuted under Korea’s drug laws.

As a result, we ask that our citizens who visit or live in Thailand do not tarnish the reputation of Korea through these unsavory acts.

— Korean Embassy In Thailand

The embassy’s statement comes after a Thai news outlet exposed a Korean YouTuber for harassing a local Thai influencer. The man is reported to have introduced himself as a famous oppa in Korea, and despite the influencer stating she’d like to go home, the Korean man continued to harass her.

Ok! Everyone, look. This man has the audacity to harass Thai women in our country, in our neighborhood. One YouTuber alleged he was a celebrity ‘oppa’ and a famous YouTuber. Audiences watch, this lady says she’d like to go home, but this Korean ‘oppa’ keeps asking for the lady’s social media account and phone number…

— Thai news anchor

Korea’s own news outlet JTBC reported the incident and called the YouTuber a national disgrace.

Sigh, the YouTuber is the greatest disgrace to the nation.

— JTBC news panelist

According to the report, the YouTuber has uploaded several videos of himself objectifying women and harassing them. In one video, the man even harasses the maid of his hotel.

  • “Don’t play hard to get.”
  • “You’re so beautiful.”

Netizens labeled the Korean YouTubers as a national disgrace, with some even asking for the Thai government to put them in jail.

  • “Wow, you guys are doing that s#it overseas as well? Don’t you guys have any f@cking shame? You guys don’t know how to act in public…”
  • “Ha… this pisses me off so much.”
  • “They make me want to throw up.”
  • “What is their problem?”
  • “Please send them to jail.”
  • “Ah, what is there problem?”
  • “They are a national disgrace.”
  • “Please just kill them.”
  • “To the Thai people, please just arrest them (YouTubers) and send them to prison in Thailand, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “These days, anti-Korean sentiment is rising overseas, but I have nothing to say, LOL. I’m so embarrassed to be Korean.”

You can watch JTBC’s full report on the controversy in the link below.

Source: theqoo and @JTBC News/Youtube