NATTY Opens Up About JYP, TWICE, And How ITZY Reacted To Her Debut

She had basically grown up with them.

Solo artist NATTY sat down for an in depth interview where she bared it all about her time with JYP Entertainment, her relationship with TWICE, and how ITZY reacted to her debut.

NATTY reflected back on the time she auditioned for JYP and won among a 4,000:1 ratio competition. She was flown to Korea where she began training to be an idol at the young age of 12.

But K-Pop wasn’t actually her main goal at the time. She only started getting to know JYP and the genre after she was accepted!

To be honest, I didn’t know much about K-Pop. I only started to look into JYP online after I was accepted through the audition. Thankfully, it was a famous agency that every Korean knew about.

I also looked up dance videos by Park Jin Young, and it blew me away.


NATTY was active in Thailand as a child model, but she chose to travel to Korea to challenge herself to learn dance and music in a fun environment. She appeared on JYP’s SIXTEEN, but she didn’t have high hopes at the time because she was still in the early stages of her training.

She’d always looked up to the members of TWICE while at JYP, and she still looks up to them today!

The [TWICE members] were already in the debut group of trainees. They were people I looked up to, wanting to catch up to them as quickly as I can, but I ended up competing with them on SIXTEEN.

They’re amazing and beautiful even when I see them now. I’m so happy that they did well after debuting as TWICE.


NATTY had spent more time as a trainee with the members of ITZY than TWICE. She has a close bond with them and were thrilled to get a sincere congratulatory letter from her friends when she debuted earlier this year.

ITZY and she are still close friends as the girls continue to help her navigate through her early debut stages.

The ITZY members sent me a long text message to congratulate me on my debut, they wrote, ‘Our Natty is finally debuting!’

I may feel lonely after debuting as a soloist but I have my [ITZY unnies], so I don’t feel alone. They told me to contact them whenever I was facing a difficult time.

I’ve contacted them frequently during my debut promotions, and I was thankful they they gave me their realistic advice.

— Natty

Since debuting with “NINTEEN”, NATTY’s been busy keeping in touch with her fans through social media and vlogs. As for news about her first comeback, fans will have to wait patiently just a while longer!

Source: eDaily