Naver Music releases additional concept images for G.Soul’s debut EP, “Coming Home”

Through Naver Music, additional concept images for JYP Entertainment’s upcoming solo artist G.Soul has been released, additionally sharing further information regarding his debut EP.

Under JYP Entertainment, G.Soul trained in the U.S to hone his vocals and music talents in R&B/Soul, and continued to pursue his dream by himself for an additional 10 years in Brooklyn, New York, after several projects under the U.S branch of JYP Entertainment were cancelled, totaling his trainee years at 15.

For his upcoming EP Coming Home, G.Soul will share what he has learned in the past 15 years in the U.S, having participated in the creation of his debut album as both composer and lyricist. All of the tracks’ lyrics derive from his experience in the U.S.

Coming Home will be released on January 19th.

G-Soul Coming Home
G-Soul “Coming Home” via Naver Music