Navi and Jang Dong Min deny relationship rumors

Recently it has been reported that the famed singer Navi is in relationship with Jang Dong Min. After the reports, the two parties were quick to respond denial.

The two first met and began to keep a good friendly relationship since Navi’s visit at Jang Dong Min and Lady Jane’s 2 o’clock as a guest. Then recently, a news reporter mentioned the two were dating officially. However, shortly after the report, the two parties quickly denied the accusation.

In the past, during Navi’s interview at the Cultwo Show she was asked who she would prefer to be in a fake relationship if she were to appear on We Got Married. She replied, “Personally, I would wish I could do it with Jang Dong Min. In the past, I’ve mentioned I would prefer Kim Soo Hyun, but afterwards a lot of people scolded me for saying it. Right now, Jang Dong Min and I are close friends. He has a very funny character which makes me think it would be fun living with a man like himself.

Navi also mentioned, “Jang Dong Min has a really different character outside of his programs. He has a warm and kind side to him in real life.” She also joked, “And he also does a lot of business outside his gag career.

Navi and Jang Dong Min’s relationship news was quite a surprise to many fans and the public. However, as mentioned by Jang Dong Min’s agency, “We have confirmed that the news report was not true at all. Recently they did have a meeting right after their radio program along with the other staff members. It seems the people around them had mistaken the two playing around as dating. Currently they are just two co-workers in the industry.

Navi’s agency also stated, “It is true that Navi has been acquainted with Jang Dong Min since her role as a main guest in one of his radio programs but their relationship is nothing more and nothing less than being co-workers.

Source: World Daily News and MTN