Nayeon Covers Two Smash Hits From 2020 For Your Quarantine Playlist

Nayeon smashes her way through two hits from 2020.

TWICE‘s vocal queen Nayeon, just dropped not one, but two covers on the official YouTube channel.

| Cosmopolitan

Both songs are in non-Korean languages. The first one is “Falling” by Harry Styles.

This smash hit came out earlier this year, and has already hit over 53 million views on YouTube. Nayeon kills it, as usual.

The second song was a J-rock hit from earlier this year, “I Love…” by Official Hige DANdism. The band followed up on its 250 million view hit “Pretender” with another banger, which has 97 million views so far.

Nayeon’s vocal abilities are no joke. Her Japanese pronunciation is so cute!

Nayeon delivered as only she can with these two covers.

Listen to her covers here: