How TWICE Nayeon Started a Viral Trend With One Hat

Nayeon’s our honey bunny.

Nayeon‘s brand power is so strong, that she created a viral trend just by wearing a hat!

During the “What is Love?” era, Nayeon wore a bunny hat with movable ears during a fansign.

The video taken from the fansign slowly went viral due to how cute Nayeon acted with the hat (also because she was embracing her inner bunny), and due to that the hat in question slowly became a hot item to have.

In a recent Korean news show that looked back on the biggest trends and events, industry insiders specially mentioned how Nayeon started the “bunny hat” craze in South Korea.

They voted the hat as their number one 2018 accessory, because after Nayeon’s video trended on SNS sites, the original retailer was able to sell 130,000 copies of the hat while also trending on Twitter with over 45,000 tweets by the year’s end.

It’s crazy to think how strong TWICE’s impact that they can even influence trends outside of music!

We can’t wait to see what trend Nayeon starts next!