Nayeon’s Out-Of-Control Stalker Reveals Plan To Return To Korea Despite Restraining Order

Even the threat of jail hasn’t deterred the stalker’s disturbing plans.

Back on January 28, Nayeon’s stalker, Josh, revealed that he had finally returned to his home country of Germany. However, just weeks later, he has announced his plan to return to South Korea despite the restraining order and criminal charges against him.

In his messages from late January, Josh claimed that he was returning to Germany because he believed that’s what would make Nayeon happy.

i want nayeon to be happy. i don’t know her true opinion about me but maybe she wants me to go back to germany. thats why i decided to go back to germany now… i feel sad and my heart hurts but i want the best for nayeon… but i think that going back to germany is the best way to make nayeon happy. [sic]

— Josh on Twitter

Once he arrived back, he uploaded a video message where he insisted he still has strong feelings for Nayeon and hopes he’ll still havethe opportunity to talked to her.

Since then, Josh has posted numerous disturbing messages on social media. In many of them, he claims to deeply love Nayeon and want to protect her. But, in spite of all his talk about wanting the best for her, he now has plans to return to South Korea and continue the harassment.

From Josh’s Twitter account.

On February 18, Josh posted a new message to social media where he stated that he has a new plan to return to Korea to get his message to Nayeon. He said that while returning would be a lot of work, he’ll “do it for Nayeon because she is the love of [his] life”.

From Josh’s Twitter account.

However, Josh seems to be missing one significant problem with his plan: back on January 8, JYP Entertainment announced that the company had filed a restraining order against Josh. On top of that, after Josh leaked Chaeyoung’s phone number last month, the company stated they would be pressing further criminal charges.

Many fans assumed Josh left Korea due to the police threat against him. But it appears that this out-of-control stalker won’t let anything get in his way of speaking to Nayeon, not even the risk of a prison sentence.

Understandably, ONCEs are once against worried for Nayeon’s safety. If Josh does return to South Korea in the near future, fans can only hope that the police will catch and prosecute him before he can get close to her again.