NBA Just Played BTS’s Song During Their Game And Fans Are Shook

BTS keeps getting more recognition as the day goes by, and this time, their song was featured during an official NBA match as an intro song!

Their song “Mic Drop (Remix)” was featured during an NBA regular season game between Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunders as an introduction song.

Source: @NYRE

This is another huge milestone for the global superstar group, whom recently named the top 10 artists of the year by, performing for the New Years Rockin’ Eve and becoming most shazamed song during the broadcasting.

Americans Are Officially Obsessed With BTS Now, And Here’s Proof

The A.R.M.Y.s are so proud of another accomplishment done by BTS, followed by their domination in the US market.

Some other fans also picked out other times the song was featured during a break in an NBA match, and also during an NHL hockey match between Ottawa Senators and New York Rangers.

BTS’s popularity is surely increasing day by day and we can all feel it this early in 2018!

Great news for the ARMY around the world to start the new year on a good note!

Source: YouTube