NBA superstars send Kris Wu support during NBA All-Star game

Kris Wu participated in the NBA All-Star Weekend game for his second year in a row with the support of some famous friends.

After it was announced that Kris Wu would participate in the All-Star Weekend game for the NBA, fans couldn’t help but be excited. As it turns out, neither could the NBA. Several professional basketball players sent Kris shoutouts on social media, congratulating him during the event and cheering him on.

Stephen Curry of the Golden City Warrior’s and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder both sent messages to Kris in support!

Stephen Curry sent Kris a congratulatory “good game!”.

He also made a special appearance on Stephen Curry’s live broadcast.

Russell Westbrook also gave a shout out to Kris for his all-star performance and even posted photos of the two hanging out.

The two had previously met and became friends.
The two met during last year’s event.

Kris has been gaining lots of attention during his time spent in America – including a special appearance at the Grammy‘s following his performance in the film xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

Also, check out some photos from during the game!

Kris takes a breather during the match. / Source: Weibo
He put his all into the competition!
There were reports that he played less than last year due to back pain.
He had the support of other famous players behind him.