NBC Started A “Dynamite” Sing-Along And Twitter Continued The Lyrics From Start To Finish

This is the most epic Twitter thread yet!

BTS continues to break records as they return to No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a third total week.

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While BTS continues to break records left and right with “Dynamite,” NBC also showed their excitement for the upcoming #BTSWeek.

On September 29, they posted on Twitter announcing that #BTSWeek on Jimmy Fallon would begin this week. They ended the post with the beginning of “Dynamite” asking people to sing along.

What happened next was incredible! A bunch of officially verified Twitter accounts began to leave comments of the lyrics to “Dynamite” in order.

They actually went full circle with The Tonight Show posting the last line to the track!

Fans who saw this thread felt that this was the most epic thread they have seen on Twitter!

Stay tuned because more BTS content is coming our way along with the new album release in November!

Source: theqoo


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