NBC News Reporter Visits Korean Plastic Surgery Saying He Wants To Look Like Taemin

Keir Simmons, a reporter from NBC, visited South Korea to cover a topic about K-Pop and plastic surgery in Korea.

The plastic surgeon and Keir shared a conversation about the global popularity of K-Pop and how many K-pop stars have flawless faces.

Among the many handsome idols, Keir chose Taemin as the K-Pop artist who he wishes to look like.

The clinic provided a virtual plastic surgery to show how they can make Keir’s face look like Taemin.

They said he would have to go through the procedure of getting rid of wrinkles, fixing his chin and his nose to all look similar to Taemin.

NBC filmed the process and compared Keir’s true face and the result of virtual plastic surgery.

The comparison is set to be aired in the near future.

As fans wait to see the outcome, one thing is for certain. Taemin’s handsome visuals are truly renown worldwide!

Source: Dispatch