NCT 127 Announce Japan Dome Tour In 2022 — And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier For Yuta

He was so excited to share the news!

NCT 127 have officially announced that they will be doing a tour in Japan this year, and fans were particularly excited for Yuta, as it will be his chance to finally come home.

The group made the announcement during their NEO CITY: JAPAN – THE LINK concert held on January 2022, and it was particularly heartwarming to see Yuta make the announcement himself. He revealed that he had been really excited to personally share the news with fans, and judging from the smile on his face as he did so, fans are convinced he really means it!

In fact, Yuta’s enthusiasm seems to have been extremely contagious as fans at the event couldn’t help screaming unintentionally when he shared the news!

The dates for the tour have been revealed to be from May to June, and they include stops at three key locations.

Fans have been quick to express their support for the group…

…and of course, how happy they are for Yuta! After so long being away from home, it is amazing that he will once again have the opportunity to spend time with his family and to perform in his home country with his members.

This news adds to an eventful Sunday for the group, leaving NCTzens reeling somewhat from the amount of things going on.

It seems the members of NCT have a busy schedule ahead of them in the next few months, so fans can get excited about their promising upcoming activities. In the meantime, congratulations to NCT 127 on their upcoming tour! We are always rooting for them and we’re happy Yuta gets to come home!