NCT 127 Decided To Surprise Fans During A Random Play Dance In New York

NCTzens at the event were on life support.

Popular Korean YouTuber Gotoe boasts over 1.6 million subscribers on the platform and has become known for organising random play dances around the world.

For the unaware, a random play dance is when fans gather in an area and music is played. The song changes rapidly while fans perform the choreography for each song.

Two days ago, Gotoe announced he would be holding a random play dance in Washington Square Park on the 20th of April. NCT 127 announced that their tour bus would be passing through the same area on that date but they left the time a secret.

Despite some fans making the connection, many NCTzens were shocked when NCT 127 showed up to participate in the random play dance.

Official videos haven’t been released yet but lucky fans who saw the event unfold have been sharing their perspectives. NCT 127 prove again how cool they are!