NCT 127 Dishes On The Globalization Of K-Pop And What It Means To Them

NCT 127 talk about the global K-Pop scene and how they fit into it.

During an interview with Young HollywoodNCT 127 discussed K-Pop’s skyrocketing global popularity and what it means to them.


Tracy Behr opened the topic by mentioning K-Pop’s newfound domination on the Billboard charts.

NCT recently became the first K-Pop act to hit the number one spot on the “Emerging Artists” charts.


She asked NCT 127 to define what K-Pop is and how NCT differs from other popular K-Pop groups.


Mark believes that K-Pop is becoming recognized as its own genre of music now and that it is finding its place in the worldwide music industry.

“I really think K-Pop is becoming an official genre of music now, and its finding its place in the industry.” — Mark


As K-Pop “ambassadors”,  Mark feels that it is NCT 127’s responsibility to help K-Pop continue to grow globally.

“I think its our job as K-Pop representatives to actually make that work.” — Mark


Since NCT 127 is still a relatively new group, Mark said that each step they take is key. Every visit they make to other countries is important, in order to build their global audience.

“I know that we’re still starting on the beginning steps of this. I think that each step is really important. So any visit to America or any visit to any country is really important. We’re putting our all into the music and to our international fans.” — Mark


One of these upcoming visits is KCON US, in New York. The members attended KCON USA last year, and are looking forward to seeing their New York fans again this June!


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Source: Billboard