NCT 127’s Doyoung Sends A Long, Heartfelt Message After Accusations Of Using An “Ilbe” Slang

Ilbe is a controversial far-right community.

NCT 127‘s Doyoung recently sent a long message to fans following a controversy over his use of a word affiliated with the controversial far-right community, Ilbe.

NCT 127’s Doyoung

In NCT 127’s latest YouTube content, the group members played a guessing game with each other. The first question asked involved guessing what kind of coffee beans Johnny drinks. The members began to guess countries all around the world.

| NCT127/YouTube

After a while, Haechan guesses Jeolla-do, a Korean province, and Doyoung says “LadoLado” after.

| NCT127/YouTube

| NCT127/YouTube

In a post on a Korean forum, netizens discussed this moment, mentioning that the term “Ladolado Jeollado” is used in controversial far-right communities like Ilbe. The region of Jeolla-do is said to be politically left-leaning, something mocked on a site like Ilbe.

  • If someone at school starts talking about traveling to foreign countries and another person goes, “Lado, lado, jeollado,” then everyone would think that person is on
  • The “Lado, lado, jeollado” thing is such a huge meme on fmkorea and dcinside sites that it does feel kind of off-putting. TBH.
    Johnny says, “It’s a name of a country.” Then Haechan says, “It’s Jeollado.” It’s 100% intended.
  • The question asked for the name of the country where Johnny’s coffee comes from. I saw that the fans are trying to defend the member who said, “Chicago.” But Johnny is from Chicago. That’s why they mention it at all. That has nothing to do with the “Jeollado” comment. Stop coming up with weird excuses to defend them. LMAO.

Not long after the forum post, Doyoung took to Dear. U Bubble, where he sent a long message expressing his desire for fans to trust him regardless of any “ridiculous misunderstandings.

I’m approaching this with great caution, but this is something I decided to write to Y/N because I wanted to confirm that the misunderstandings about me being spread somewhere are not true…!

To be honest, I don’t always talk about every single misunderstanding, even when I know they’re not true… But Y/N like me for who I am, believe me to be a good person, and support me no matter what. So I think Y/N deserves to know the truth…

Because I know how much Y/N like me, I try to be a good person all the time. I don’t want such misunderstandings to cause Y/N to lose any faith in me or cause any doubts in our trust for one another…

And I can promise you this: If and when you come across such misunderstandings about me, you can absolutely trust me. No matter what the rumor, I am confident in myself. Hehe.

Anyway, I wanted to let Y/N know that it’s your love for me which makes me work toward becoming a better person. Thank you, I appreciate you all. I’m so grateful that you all trust me and support me through it all.

— NCT’s Doyoung

This is not the first time an idol has been accused of using Ilbe terms. In early January, netizens came to BLACKPINK Rosé’s defense after she accidentally used a different term.

Ilbe is a controversial far-right extremist community. The community is often described as the most-hateful online community in Korea, and many have called for the community to be shut down. You can read more about it below.

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Source: Pann Nate