NCT 127’s Doyoung Goes Viral As He Gets Heartbreakingly Emotional At “THE LINK+” Concert, And His Members Comfort Him In Their Own Unique Ways

The members’ reactions to his tears were heart-melting.

NCT 127 held their two-day concert, NEOCITY: THE LINK+, on the weekend of October 22, and it has gifted NCTzens with many truly memorable moments. Among them was the touching scene wherein Doyoung got emotional, as well as his members’ priceless reactions.

NCT 127 | @nct127/Instagram

It has always been easy to see that the members of NCT all share a family-like bond. This is evident in every interaction that they have, both wholesome and chaotic. And when Doyoung broke down in tears at THE LINK+ concert, the members melted NCTzens’ hearts as they each comforted him in their own ways.

Doyoung was seen getting teary throughout different parts of the concert. During the performance of “Black Clouds,” he got openly emotional. And like the best friend he is, Taeyong pulled him into a warm hug in order to comfort him.

Doyoung proceeded to lean his head on Taeygong’s shoulder as he let it all out while Taeyong gently rubbed his back.

The sweet moment between the two besties has had everyone’s attention…

…especially since fans noticed that Doyoung only really broke down in tears when he saw Taeyong approaching him with his arms outstretched.

As precious as the moment was, Taeyong wasn’t alone in trying to comfort him throughout the evening. Fans captured the cutest (and somewhat more chaotic) hug between Doyoung and Johnny

…and the cozy and gentle one between Doyoung and Mark.

The other members also did their best to make him feel better. Jungwoo and Haechan gave him warm words of encouragement…

…while Jaehyun showed his concern in his own more lowkey way.

Yuta gave Doyoung some gentle head pats to console him, but he was also pulled into a hug by Doyoung himself.

And not to be left out, Taeil very thoughtfully used his own sweatshirt to wipe Doyoung’s tears.

In his ending ment, Doyoung addressed the reason why he had gotten emotional, explaining that while he was performing, he had been thinking about what it would feel like once the concert was over, which made him feel a sense of loss. Yet, now he has his eyes set on the future, even announcing his hopes of performing with his members in an even bigger venue. Check out what he had to say on the thread below!

And for more moments of NCT 127 comforting him, look through this wholesome thread right here.


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