Netizens Shocked By The Difference In Haechan’s Appearance Between His NCT 127 And NCT DREAM Styling

“A very good comparison to show the power of make-up.”

No matter how beautiful or handsome a K-Pop idol is, it’s always possible to either enhance or detract from their good looks depending on their outfit, hair, and makeup.

Recently, fans had this realization thanks to some drastically different styling for Haechan between his NCT 127 and NCT DREAM activities!

Haechan (NCT)

Haechan undeniably has handsome visuals, and there isn’t anything that can really take that away from him. However, fans think that his styling as a member of NCT 127 suits him much better than his styling for NCT DREAM, especially in terms of his hair.


For his NCT 127 schedule, Haechan looks like royalty in a princely outfit with his hair styled beautifully and his makeup light but flattering.

| The Qoo
| The Qoo

His tan skin is glowing, his eyes look bright and clear, and his silky black hair is full of volume!

In comparison, while he still looks good in the styling he had around the same time for NCT DREAM, it’s just not quite as flattering. His hair, in particular, is a lot flatter and covers his eyes, hiding one of his charming points.

Fans think that his foundation shade doesn’t match as well either, and his makeup overall just doesn’t suit him as much.

These images were shared and compared on an online forum post, and fans in the comments definitely agreed with the author that Haechan’s styling for his NCT DREAM activities should be more similar to how it is for NCT 127. Plus, they just love the prince-like look on him in general!

Regardless of styling, though, Haechan is always a visual!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa