“You Should’ve Said Dolce & Gabbana”—NCT 127’s Fashion Preferences Give Away Their Frugal Nature

Here’s what happened.

NCT 127 was the latest group to appear on TheKstarNextDoor. Haechan, Johnny, Doyoung, and Jaemin revealed numerous facts about themselves. One unique question they were asked was, “Where does NCT 127 buy their undershirt?”

From left to right: MC Johnny with NCT 127’s Haechan, Johnny, Doyoung, and Jaemin
Jaemin shared his answer first, confidently stating that he gets his clothing from e-commerce platform Coupang.

I buy my undershirts from Coupang.

— Jaemin

Undershirts for men here usually cost less than ₩20,000 KRW (about $14.80 USD) with many being ₩6,900 KRW (about $5.12 USD) per piece.

Johnny added that his favorite store for undershirts is ZARA. He once wore their crochet tank top to the airport, knowing full well he’d be photographed in the ultra-casual look.

I buy them from ZARA.

— Johnny

This undershirt retails for around $33 USD. Though not on the level of being considered cheap, it was more affordable than what most would expect Johnny—a world famous singer—would wear.

The show used the caption, “NCT 127 is all about [being] cost-effective,” to bring home this point.

Upon hearing their honest answers, everyone in the room couldn’t help but cackle. Haechan countered that they should’ve pretended to have more expensive tastes.

You should’ve said Dolce & Gabbana.

— Haechan

Johnny defended himself, saying that he likes that ZARA has good quality clothing that matches his body type.

Zara is a cost-effective brand. I like how it fits.

— Johnny

He continued to stand behind his love for the brand, adding more reasons why he prefers their sleeveless tops. For him, being frugal is simply an effect of sticking to his priorities when it comes to clothing.

It’s available in different colors. Sleeveless is the best when it’s hot.

— Johnny

Check out the full episode below to learn more about NCT 127!

Source: YouTube