NCT 127 Gave Fans Some Hints About Their Upcoming Album Title

Let the (guessing) games begin!

On July 7, NCT 127 held an online fanmeeting to celebrate the group’s fifth anniversary. They announced that their upcoming album will be released in September, and gave fans some hints to figure out the title!

Member Jungwoo revealed that the title has 3 syllables. He also stated that the title is in English.

Jungwoo revealed it’s a 3-syllable English title.

Haechan “gave everything” by sharing with fans that the last letter is “R.”

Haechan gave a hint as well.

Off-screen, Taeyong guessed “Monster” and Doyoung guessed “Mister,” both of which have 3 syllables in Korean.

Doyoung gave his hint by humming a song!

Members Taeyong, Jaehyun, and Mark also gave some hints for the upcoming release.

Taeyong held up a plant while Mark made an “O.”

Taeyong held up a plant and Mark stepped in to gesture to something around it.

Jaehyun then pointed to the camera, which some consider a gesture for “You” or the letter “U.”

Jaehyun making a pointing gesture.

Mark then finished it off with making a heart to the camera.

Mark giving a heart as a hint.

He surprised Jaejae when he didn’t end there, and followed it up by spelling out the word “LOVE” with his hand.

Mark spelled out LOVE as his final hint.

Fans have been making guesses about what the title could be based on actions from the fanmeeting, recent Instagram captions, and some have even pulled out a dictionary.

Though there’s no way to know for sure just yet, one popular guess is “Air,” which would match the criteria given by the members!

What’s your guess for NCT 127’s title?