NCT 127 To Hit Canada For The Next Stop On Their Neo City Tour

They’re making all the rounds to reach NCTzens.

NCT 127 has been rocking fans at their tour stops all over the United States for their tour Neo City – The Origin.

And, now they’re making their way to Canada, Mark‘s home, with stops in Toronto and Vancouver.

If you haven’t snatched up a ticket, here are the prices ranging from $75 to $245 Canadian dollars.

And, here’s a view of the seating charts for both venues.

And if you’re not sure about going, here’s some of the best moments from the tour so far.

Taeyong showed off his charismatic rap for “Mad City” and this fan was so overwhelmed by it she captioned it “Goodbye world.”

Here’s Yuta singing “Angel” to Taeil, who blew him a kiss as a thank you. And, NCTzens went wild with their screams.

Taeyong performing “Baby Don’t Like It” on a jungle gym. Yes, you read that correctly: a jungle gym.

JaehyunΒ turning up to Taeyong’s beat-boxing.

Haechan and Taeil giving NCTzens exactly what they want during “Baby Don’t Like It”.

These are just a few moments from the tour. NCT 127 is looking forward to seeing all their NCTzens so make sure not to miss out. And would you want to miss out on these performances?