NCT 127 Host Their Version Of “America’s Next Top Model” And We Can’t Stop Laughing At Their Spot-On Acting Skills

We seriously can’t get over how accurate their acting was! 

NCT 127 became aspiring models in their version of America’s Next Top Model: The Next NEO Model, and we can’t get enough of their acting. Combined with the editing, their new series feels exactly like a real reality show.

| NCT 127/YouTube

Their new series was off to a good start, with the familiar introduction style of each model and panelist that is typical of shows like America’s Next Top Model. Johnny and Jungwoo were panelists, while the rest were model contestants.

We can’t forget the dramatic content sneak peek right before the commercial break that almost always shows someone breaking down with an out of context voice over that inevitably makes the situation look more dire than it actually is.

And of course two of the contestants must know each other somehow, and have beef between them.

Spicing things up with some contestant and panelist beef is also another way to go.

There also has to be retrospective commentary from the contestants themselves, typically done in a separate room with them talking to the camera.

Honestly they were each so committed to their roles, it felt like a real reality show. We can’t wait to see what drama happens in the next episode! Watch the first episode below: