NCT 127’s Jaehyun Stuns By Going Shirtless And Revealing His Abs

Did someone say washboard abs?

Among the NCT 127 members, Jaehyun is one of the members who’s known for having abs that anyone would envy. He even gave everyone a peek at them during the group’s appearance on SNL Korea. Now he’s given fans such a good look that everyone was stunned.


Behind the scenes of the group’s “Ay-Yo” jacket photo shoot, the members spent their free time playing a round of football. Making the most of their time in the sun, a few of the members went shirtless—including Jaehyun.

The full view of Jaehyun’s extremely toned abs was an unexpected but welcome surprise.

NCTzens couldn’t contain their shock, helping the idol become a trending topic for his muscular body.

Whatever Jaehyun is doing in the gym, he needs to keep doing it if it produces such amazing results.

See Jaehyun nonchalantly surprise fans with his washboard abs.