NCT 127’s Johnny Gets Honest About The Pressure Of Seeing The Increasingly Young Debut Age Of K-Pop Idols

His concerns are totally understandable.

NCT 127‘s Johnny recently discussed his thoughts on the relationship between his age and being an idol, and touched on the increasingly young debut age of idols in recent times.

Johnny | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

As NCT 127 near the release of their new album, 2 Baddies, NCTzens are receiving more and more fun content. Along with Taeyong, Johnny made a guest appearance on comedian Lee Yong Jin‘s YouTube show, Yongjin’s Health Center, which he cohosts with LACHICA‘s Gabi of Street Woman Fighter fame.

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Seeing as the theme of the show is to address guests’ concerns, one of the concerns Johnny brought up was about his age.

| 용진건강원/YouTube 

He explained that, at 27 years old, he knows he is still very young. And yet, when he looks around at the people around him in the industry, it makes him question his youth.

Gabi commented that she’d even heard of middle school kids debuting as idols. Johnny agreed, saying incredulously, “I even heard that there is an idol who is born in 2007. I was applying for auditions during that time!”

Taeyong explained that this is a special concern for Johnny, seeing as he had to leave his home in Chicago at an early age in order to pursue his career in K-Pop. According to Taeyong, starting his career so early and having to go back and forth between the US and South Korea for so long has made Johnny particularly concerned about the issue.

Lee Yong Jin commented that Johnny’s experience as a young trainee in K-Pop also explains why he feels old as an idol. It’s not just that there are idols who are too young, but it’s also that his career has been very long.

This being a comedy show, Lee Yong Jin naturally had the most unexpected solution to Johnny’s concern…

…but the fact remains that the increasingly young debut age for idols has become a much more controversial issue in the industry in recent times. Fans and idols alike have expressed their concern about minors being debuted, and many have been calling for change. Hopefully, this is something that the industry at large can work on!

Watch the full clip of Johnny and Taeyong on Yongjin’s Health Center right here.