NCT 127’s Johnny, Mark, And Haechan Went All Out On A Grocery Shopping Spree Funded By Their SM Entertainment Company Card

They bought absolutely everything their hearts desired!

NCT 127‘s Johnny, Mark, and Haechan love having their groceries paid for just as much as the rest of us!

NCT 127’s Johnny, Haechan, and Mark | @nctcrumbs/Twitter

NCT 127 just released the first episode of their new series, Stick Together, on their official YouTube channel.

| NCT 127/YouTube

In this series, the members rent a house for a mini vacation where they spend time together and deepen their strong bond.

Shortly after the group arrived, they decided who would cook, go grocery shopping, and do the dishes. Johnny, Mark, and Haechan ended up on the grocery shopping team.

As soon as they arrived at the grocery store, Johnny reminded Mark and Haechan that they “have a company card today.”

Johnny said “we won’t care about how much we spend,” and the grocery shopping team truly took his statement to heart!

They bought absolutely everything they wanted to ensure they had a great meal with the rest of the group later.

Haechan even said that he “bought almost every pork” he could find at the store!

By the time they were done shopping, they had filled an entire shopping cart and a handbasket.

After they added everything they wanted to their cart and basket, Johnny, Mark, and Haechan got in line to checkout. However, they realized they’d forgotten something very important: Ice cream!

After they finally checked out and paid with their company credit card from SM Entertainment, the 3 NCT 127 members returned to the house with their hands full of shopping bags. Of course, the other members were thrilled to see how much they had bought and looked forward to an amazing dinner later.

Looks like Johnny, Mark, and Haechan put their company card to good use!

See the full episode of Stick Together below.