NCT 127’s Jungwoo Is Getting All The Hype For His Ethereal Beauty In This “Highway To Heaven” English Version MV Trailer

That billion dollar smile.

NCT 127 just dropped their MV trailer for the English version of “Highway to Heaven”. And while fans are greatly excited to see everyone in the new music video, they are particularly mesmerized by Jungwoo‘s jaw-dropping visuals!


Jungwoo, in the music video trailer, is rocking his soft pink hair look. Dressed in a simple white tee, Jungwoo’s gorgeous face stands out even more – in the barren desert background where the music video was filmed.


Throughout the music video trailer, Jungwoo can be spotted with a huge smile on his face…


… and NCTzens are left breathless after watching Jungwoo take the full screen, grinning his way in to their hearts!


Non-NCT fans are also becoming more curious about Jungwoo. They have titled him the “Smiling Guy” and are continuously growing attracted to Jungwoo’s visual and interested in finding out more about him and the group!


NCT 127 will be releasing the full music video on July 23, 2019 at 12AM Korean standard time. Fans look forward to the complete version of the music video and seeing the rest of NCT 127, as well as even more of Jungwoo!

Watch the trailer here: