NCT’s Jungwoo Reveals He Was Just As Surprised By The Creation Of His And Haechan’s Personal Instagram Accounts As NCTzens Were

They were just as shocked as we were!

NCT has broken the internet!

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NCT 127 are back and have entered a new era. They have released a brand-new logo that reads “NEO Culture Institute of Technology,” although currently, they have a green lock as the profile picture on Instagram. They also released a bunch of new content through their feed and Instagram Stories, including concept photos and designs that imply an academic, particularly college institute concept. Getting NCTzens even more excited for the upcoming comeback, the group’s social media account included “Coding Crew” in the description.

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Now the description reads, “Successfully Accessed.” 👀

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If that wasn’t enough, Haechan and Jungwoo are now the latest members to officially join Instagram with their own accounts as @fullsun_ncit and @ncit_kimjw, respectively.

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They have updated their profile pictures and descriptions, both including “NCIT ‘25,” clearly to go with their latest concept. And, they look great (as usual).

While there are no posts yet, they have each accumulated nearly 2 million followers already at this time. Although, that’s no surprise! NCTzens have been waiting for this day. Previously, Haechan obtained his first 1 million followers in 4½ hours while Jungwoo obtained his first 1 million followers in 2¾ hours.

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NCT 127 is clearly preparing for an exciting comeback. In addition to Haechan and Jungwoo, the rest of the group have updated their profile pictures to go along with the concept. Each member has also included their majors and graduating year, referencing the fictional institute.

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NCTzens are excited but surprised that two members suddenly joined Instagram, especially at the same time that NCT 127’s account changed its layout.

Well, it turns out fans were not the only ones surprised by Jungwoo and Haechan’s sudden account creations. NCTzens were messaging the members on Bubble, congratulating them about the success of their Instagram accounts when Jungwoo replied with some surprising information.

  • “Instaㅋㅋ were you surprised right~?ㅎㅎ”
  • “Oh it (followers at this time) is now 127~!”
  • “Honestly, I was surprised (that I have Instagram) too~~ㅋㅋ”

So, it turns out even the members themselves didn’t know about the accounts until they were created. This means that they didn’t actually create it but rather the company.

Regardless, we’re still excited to see more of NCT active on social media. Now that Jungwoo and Haechan are on Instagram, only four more members of NCT, Sungchan, Jisung, Chenle, and Jeno, are needed before everyone from NCT is officially on the app!

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NCTzens can look forward to more exciting news coming up from NCT 127’s live broadcast “S.P.O.I.L.E.R.1.2.7″ on August 24th.

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