Today Is NCT Jungwoo’s Two Year Anniversary With NCT 127

Happy Anniversary Jungwoo!

Today, September 17, fans are celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Jungwoo joining NCT 127. Jungwoo joined NCT 127 on September 17, 2018.

Jungwoo is the lead vocal and lead dancer in NCT and one of the lead visuals in the group. He is not only handsome and talented, but his adorable personality is what really makes the fans’ hearts beat.

NCT 127 members describe Jungwoo as a jokester in the group who always brightens everyone’s mood. You can tell that these descriptions are accurate when you watch him on live YouTube videos.

In an interview, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan have described NCT 127 members as friends who are like soil that helps one another grow. They explained the close-knit relationships the NCT 127 members have with each other by adding, “We are from many different places, but I think it was fate that brought us together to become one team.”

Congratulations Jungwoo! We wish only the best for you, NCT, and NCT 127!