NCT 127’s Mark Has Johnny And Jaehyun Convinced He’s A Marvel Superhero, And Here’s Why

Waiting for Mark to officially be added to the Marvel universe!

NCT 127‘s Mark may be known as one of the Avengers of K-Pop, and he has Johnny and Jaehyun convinced he’s actually a superhero!

NCT 127’s Mark | @ onyourm__ark/Instagram

NCT 127 just released a new YouTube video called “NCIT HOUSE : Our sharehouse with full of joy and love” in which the members play college roommates.

| NCT 127/YouTube

While most of the members’ characters are typical college students, Mark’s character seems to have a secret identity. He’s always busy, but his long absences and hectic schedule can’t be easily explained away even though Mark claims he’s busy with Student Council, Science Club, and other activities.

Johnny is the first to suspect that Mark’s hiding something.

When he finds a Spider-Man mask hidden in Mark’s pile of books, Johnny tells Jaehyun that he thinks Mark may be Spider-Man.

After Mark comes back from lunch, Johnny and Jaehyun notice just how similar to Spider-Man Mark really is.

When Johnny and Jaehyun confront him about his hidden identity, Mark tries to explain everything away.

He said he sits in Spider-Man’s signature pose because Taeil taught it to him during yoga.

Mark also said he has a Spider-Man costume because he plans on dressing as the character for Halloween. However, Johnny pointed out that it’s February, and Halloween is many months away.

Johnny also pointed out that Mark’s reflexes are much faster than those of an ordinary human.

Johnny and Jaehyun also used Mark’s abs and butt as evidence that he must be Spider-Man. They claimed his eight-pack abs are proof he’s a superhuman, and they said his butt looks exactly like Spider-Man’s butt in the comics.

Mark said anyone can have an eight-pack and a butt like Spider-Man’s, and he said that Johnny was only suspicious of him because he read too many Spider-Man comics.

Johnny and Jaehyun had lots of evidence to back up their claim that Mark is Spider-Man, but Mark did have explanations for everything they mentioned.

Watch the full video below to decide whether or not Mark is Spider-Man for yourself!