NCT 127’s Mark And SEVENTEEN’s BSS Are Friendship Goals

More of these moments from them, please.

NCT 127‘s Haechan and SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan weren’t the only members of the two groups that pleased fans with their close friendship. On the newest episode of Music Bank, Mark‘s interaction with the three members of SEVENTEEN’s BSS unit made everyone love them even more.

Mark | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

As the BSS members headed off stage for NCT 127’s “Ay-Yo” encore stage, they didn’t forget to show love to Mark on the way. Seungkwan was the first to congratulate Mark on his group’s win and playfully patted him on the shoulder.

Hoshi was the next member to pat Mark on the back and congratulate him.

DK was the last member to greet Mark. The two respectfully bowed as they briefly chatted. Wearing a bright smile, DK made sure to cheer Mark on before leaving.

While the interaction alone was pleasing to fans, the fact that Mark and the BSS members were so playful and kind to each other showed how close they are. Being able to share the stage with your friends and have fun is something anyone would be happy with.

Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan. | @pledis_17/Twitter