NCT 127 Chooses The Member With The Best Abs

There was a clear winner.

Whether they’re showing a little skin or going entirely shirtless, the NCT 127 members aren’t shy about showing off their toned bodies.


So when they were asked which member had the best body, they didn’t hesitate to pick the member who took the crown.


Since Doyoung, Johnny, and Jungwoo all revealed their abs before, Haechan leaned into his position as a guest MC for The K-Star Next Door by asking them to vote on which member had the “hottest body.” To keep things fair, they decided to vote with their eyes closed.

In the abs department, there was no competition. Johnny received the majority of the votes. When they opened their eyes, Haechan made them laugh by shaking things up and choosing himself.

With abs like this, no wonder Johnny took the win by a landslide.

Watch them vote on the member with the most eye-catching body.