The NCT 127 Members Are Each Other’s Biggest Fans In The “Sticker” Unboxing Video, And They’re Honestly So Relatable

They stan NCT 127 just as much as we do!

Looks like all the NCT 127 members are huge fans of each other!

NCT 127 | @dingo_dgg/Instagram

In the unboxing video for Sticker, their latest album, the NCT 127 members couldn’t stop complimenting each other.

| NCT 127/YouTube

Jungwoo, Jaehyun, and Doyoung started their unboxing by going straight to the photocards, which many NCTzens will be able to relate to!

Jaehyun proudly showed off his Mark card, Doyoung showed off his Johnny card, and Jungwoo showed off his Jaehyun card. After pulling Jaehyun’s photocard out of his album, Jungwoo told Jaehyun that he looked “like a prince” in the photo, and we’re sure NCTzens totally agree!

Johnny, Taeyong, and Haechan went straight for the photocards, too.

Johnny was excited to pull Taeyong’s photocard, Jaehyun’s postcard, and Jungwoo’s sticker. Taeyong pulled his own photocard, Mark’s postcard, and Haechan’s sticker. Haechan pulled his own sticker, Taeyong’s photocard, and Mark’s postcard. Johnny complimented Jungwoo’s sticker and said his photo “came out really well.” Johnny, Taeyong, and Haechan’s excitement while finding their photocards proves they’re huge fans of their own group!

Mark, Yuta, and Taeil started their unboxing by flipping through the photobook. As they looked at the photos, they kept getting distracted by how great the members looked in the pictures. We can definitely relate to this!

When Taeil got to a photo of Jungwoo, he said Jungwoo “looks great in white hair,” and Mark and Yuta agreed. Looks like this group is just as in awe of the NCT 127 members as NCTzens are!

NCT 127’s compliment party continued when Jungwoo, Jaehyun, and Doyoung started flipping through the photobook. Doyoung pointed out how long Taeil’s legs looked, and Jungwoo said “Taeil’s body proportions are crazy.” As they continued looking through photos, Jungwoo pointed out how great Taeyong and Haechan looked in their pictures, too.

When Johnny, Taeyong, and Haechan started flipping through the photobook, Taeyong couldn’t resist complimenting Johnny’s body in his shirtless photos. He told Johnny, “Your body is like chocolate.” 

Although the behind-the-scenes stories from the album photoshoot and the members’ reactions to the album were great, seeing them shower each other with compliments was definitely the highlight of the video!

See the full unboxing video below.