Each NCT 127 Member Revealed The One Thing They Want To Save The Most— Here’s What They Chose

Taeil’s answer was hilariously relatable!

NCT 127 recently released a song in collaboration with Samsung Memory and Amoeba Culture called “Save,” in line with Samsung’s SAVE campaign which is focused on saving user data and protecting it.

| NCT 127/YouTube

During an interview with Amoeba Culture, the members were asked what was one thing they want to save the most, to which each member had a unique answer.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Yuta had a practical answer, wishing that he could save his Korean and Japanese speaking ability. Doyoung was more sentimental and wanted to save “the beautiful landscapes,” while Haechan wanted to save “the smiles of fans through [their] music.” Jungwoo‘s answer on the other hand, was a bit more unique.

Jaehyun, similarly to Haechan, wanted to save their memories with fans, while Johnny wanted to save his memories with his members. Meanwhile Taeil‘s answer caught everyone off guard.

And in true leader fashion, Taeyong wished to save all the songs from their first album, while Mark wanted to save the “memory of the first time we held our first concert together.” Their answers were all uniquely them, and very heartwarming! Yes, even Taeil’s.

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