NCT 127’s Poetic Teasers For “Favorite” Have Fans Predicting A Vampire Concept, Here’s Why

Forbidden love? Immortality? We need answers!

NCT 127 surprised fans today with a collection of images, poems, and short videos related to their upcoming repackage album FavoriteTaeyongJaehyunDoyoung, and Yuta each had teasers shared on Instagram, one-by-one every few minutes after midnight. Fans quickly caught on to one shocking theme throughout all the posts: vampires!

Jaehyun from NCT 127. | @nct127/Instagram

Some of the most famous traits of vampires include immortality and being vulnerable to the daylight, therefore hiding away until night falls. Jaehyun’s teasers show him alone at night, with captions like “My time is forever,” and “The most special moment in my long life will be you.” Furthermore, one of the pieces of writing in his post mentions closing his eyes and dreaming when the sun starts rising!

Doyoung’s storyline follows him falling in love at a flower shop with “you whom I should never love.” This has fans theorizing that the vampire fell in love with a human, a forbidden love. He’s also holding a bouquet of red roses which symbolize passion and romance!

Doyoung. | @nct127/Instagram

Taeyong’s set of photos and videos completely sealed the deal, though! One part of the writing posted along with Taeyong’s photos talks about the narrator looking like a completely different person than they did when they first met in the flower shop. In some vampire stories, they have a shapeshifting ability. Or, perhaps, the NCT members are being reincarnated throughout time!

Taeyong holding a yellow rose, which traditionally symbolizes friendship. | @nct127/Instagram

He’s also seen holding tickets to see the movie Interview With The Vampire. This movie is about a human man who’s transformed by a manipulative, selfish vampire. The two men have an unhealthy relationship that spans centuries, so fans think this might be an inspiration for NCT’s story about long-lasting love. It could also be a reflection of the narrator’s immortality!

| @nct127/Instagram

In Yuta’s set of teasers, he’s on the couch, presumably with the love interest, playing video games and listening to music. The narrator talks about finally revealing their story and explaining why “I only visit you when the sun sets.

Yuta. | @nct127/Instagram

The unseen love interest also dreams of seeing the “emerald sea” with Yuta, and he has to explain why he can’t fulfill that dream. Since vampires can’t be exposed to sunlight, it’d be virtually impossible for them to go see the ocean during the daytime!

| @nct127/Instagram

Fans are already loving the concept so far, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for this mysterious story. We also are eagerly awaiting more teaser photos and a potential vampire-themed music video!

The repackage album will be released on October 25, 2021, in two versions: “Classic” and “Catharsis.” The kihno kit versions are also rumored to be titled “Poetic” and “Tragic,” fitting in with the predicted theme. Check out the mood samplers for Favorite below!

Source: Instagram