NCT 127’s Taeil Experiences An Unexpected Mishap During The Concert In Manila, And His Members Can’t Help Laughing

He handled it perfectly!

NCT 127‘s Taeil experienced a minor setback during the group’s recent NEOCITY: THE LINK concert, and it had his members hilariously laughing afterward, despite the fact that they were still performing.

Taeil | @mo.on_air/Instagram

The most recent stop in NCT 127’s world tour has been in Manila, Philippines, and it has provided a wealth of legendary moments to live rent-free in NCTzens’ minds for the foreseeable future, including another steamy performance of “Moonlight” by Taeyong.

But one moment that will definitely not be forgotten any time soon, either by fans or by the members, happened during the group’s “Love On The Floor” stage. The choreography employs the use of a ramp, and while it always looks amazing…

…the ramp can sometimes be an obstacle. Or at least, it was for Taeil during the Manila concert! The members were supposed to climb to the platform on top of the ramp, but unfortunately, Taeil was unable to make it. He slipped halfway up and hilariously ended up sliding back down to the bottom.

Happily, he succeeded on the second try…

…leaving his members, especially Doyoung and Haechan, so amused they had to try hard not to laugh mid-performance.

In fact, fancams show Taeil himself looked like he was trying to hide his own amusement!

After the concert, Taeil spilled on his “Love On The Floor” struggle to Yuta. He explained that the issue had been the dress shoes, as they had no traction compared to the shoes he wore in practice. They were so slippery that he had been unable to climb the ramp, forcing him to use his arm strength to get to the platform instead.

| @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram via @ekfxodlf/Twitter 

Luckily, this was only a small incident that did not cause any harm. In fact, it has NCTzens praising Taeil and the members for the way in which they handled it, as well as for their great dynamic together.

Hopefully, Taeil will just have fun with it and not take it too seriously! The moment only added to NCTzens’ enjoyment of the concert. And at least now he knows what shoes to wear for the next concert!