NCT’s Taeyong Celebrates 8 Million Instagram Followers With Precious Pre-Debut Clip

The introduction alone made him become a trending topic.

Continuing his streak of sharing memories from his childhood, NCT 127‘s Taeyong uploaded a clip onto Instagram that immediately had everyone talking about how adorable he was. It was a special treat to celebrate hitting eight million followers on the platform.

Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

A young Taeyong took the stage and cutely spoke into the microphone to introduce himself in English.

Hello, everyone! My name is Lee Taeyong. Please clap to me when I finish my song.

Have a good time. Thank you. Music, cue!

— Young Taeyong

Not only were fans falling for young Taeyong’s adorable introduction, but they were also loving how confident he looked. With a hand on his hip, he made his stage presence known.

Fans were loving it so much they noticed it became one of Taeyong’s signature poses that he still uses to this very day.

Even when leaving the stage, Taeyong walked off with that same confidence. According to Taeyong himself, though, the hand had been out of nervousness. He kept his cool so well that no one would’ve known.

From such a young age, it looks like Taeyong was indeed born to be the star that fans know and love today.

Check out the precious pre-debut clip that instantly sent Taeyong onto the trending list.


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