NCT 127’s Taeyong, Doyoung, And Yuta Get Vulnerable With Their Members As They Talk About Their Upcoming Comeback

The most important things are health and happiness.

NCT 127 talked about their goals with each other for their upcoming comeback with “2 Baddies,” and TaeyongDoyoung, and Yuta were incredibly vulnerable with their emotions as they shared their personal struggles and thankfulness towards the members.

As the leader, Taeyong went first, sharing how he hoped that the members, including himself, would be more vocal with their praise and encouragement for one another. While they share a close friendship, words of affirmation aren’t easily exchanged, but the power behind a few small words is incredible.

NCT 127/YouTube

Taeyong also revealed why openly praising one another mattered so much to him at the moment. Taeyong admitted that lately, he’s struggled with self-confidence when performing, whether live or in front of the camera. He isn’t sure why, though he thinks it might be an occupational hazard that happens to everyone in the industry at some point.

However, by hearing encouragement from others and saying them to himself, Taeyong has gathered the strength and courage to continue performing on stage with his beloved members. Since he understands how a little encouragement can go a long way, he hopes that the team can continue to support one another through actions and words.

He also hopes they’ll be honest with one another when they’re tired or struggling. Whether during good times or bad, NCT are there for each other to lean on.

Although it’s difficult, be honest … in this season, I’d like us to say it if we feel tired.

— Taeyong

Doyoung then shared that for this upcoming season, he wishes to convey his thanks to his members and fans.

I’m doing this because of you guys and our fans. If it wasn’t for that, I have no reason to be doing this.

— Doyoung

In this season of Doyoung’s life, he’s experiencing burnout, and for him, it’s a struggle to rekindle his love for music. The only thing motivating him is the members and his fans, and he’s extremely grateful for them.

Thanks to you guys, I think I can be happy.

— Doyoung

Similarly, Yuta is also drawing strength from his members. Like Doyoung and Taeyong, maintaining a healthy mindset these past months has been difficult, but thanks to the members and their hard work preparing “2 Baddies,” Yuta has found the motivation to keep going.

But still, it’s been a while since we last danced and sang together, and this song “2 Baddies” is really exciting. It helps me to hang on and keep going.

— Yuta

Yuta fully believes that this comeback will be beneficial for all the members, both musically and mentally, and he’s grateful he has such a deep and unshakable relationship with the rest of NCT.

We can’t wait to see what NCT 127 has in store, and we’re all praying that this will be the era where they are healthiest and happiest.


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