NCT 127’s Taeyong And TXT’s Yeonjun Flirting On Live TV Is Making Everyone Blush

They gave each other all the compliments 🤭

On the latest episode of Music Bank, TXT and NCT 127 were interviewed together and shared a fun moment that’s exactly what fans needed.

MC LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae asked the two groups, “Both teams have perfect charms! Any members [have charms] you’d want to take from each other?” It was Taeyong and Yeonjun‘s time to shine.

Yeonjun took the plunge first, leaving Taeyong and NCT 127 impressed. He said, “I think mine would be Taeyong sunbae-nim’s sharp jawline that could cut you.” Taeyong matched Yeonjun’s energy.

The NCT 127 leader happily returned the compliment. Taeyong said, “Though I’d like all of Yeonjun’s charms, I’ll choose his smile in particular.

The moment was so flirty that Soobin couldn’t handle it. The TXT leader made them all laugh by playfully telling them to move on to the next segment.

See Yeonjun and Taeyong shower each other with compliments.