NCT 127’s Yuta Gets Emotional At Final NEO CITY: JAPAN – THE LINK Concert In Tokyo — And His Members React In The Best Way

This tour was particularly meaningful for Yuta.

NCT 127 is wrapping up their tour of Japan, and their final concert in Tokyo had some of the members feeling a little emotional.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Yuta is not often seen being very emotional, so fans were touched when they saw that he was unable to stop himself from shedding tears during his ending ment. After all, NCT 127 is wrapping up a wildly successful tour in Yuta’s home country, where he grew up and first dreamed of becoming an idol!

Yuta related that he felt a mix of emotions, and that he had been wondering if he deserved to perform at the Tokyo Dome. NCTzens have been emphatically reassuring him that he most definitely does…

…and they’re not the only ones who have been comforting him. When Yuta began to get emotional onstage, his members’ reactions were immediate. Doyoung and Johnny ran over to give him a tight hug, while Taeyong tried to wipe his face with a towel as the other members gathered around him.

Fans couldn’t help noticing the warm way in which the older members took care of Yuta…

…especially Doyoung, who has received praise for always being so supportive of Yuta that he even learned Japanese to relieve some of the pressure on Yuta as the only Japanese speaker in the team.

The two of them shared a few cute moments together during the concert…

…but the adorable way in which Doyoung hurried to comfort Yuta with a hug takes the cake!

You can watch more of Yuta’s emotional ending ment on the clip below!