“He Injured His Knee” — The NCT 127 Choreography So Difficult It Left A Member Hurt

It’s still hard for the members to perform the song.

Living up to their group name, NCT 127 never fails to deliver creative choreography and concepts. However, it comes at a cost.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

As Johnny agreed their choreographies were “really hard,” Haechan went as far as saying they were the “hardest in SM Entertainment.” They proved it by revealing the most difficult one of all.

The K-Star Next Door showed a clip of the dance for NCT 127’s debut song “Fire Truck”, which amazed the host Jonathan. The members’ flawless moves didn’t happen without an incident.

With gravity working against them, supporting half of Haechan’s weight ended up hurting Yuta. Johnny revealed, “Yuta had to hold Haechan. He injured his knee after that.

The dance move was so hard that Yuta wanted Haechan to lessen some of the pressure. As they laughed, Doyoung said, “Yuta told him not to eat.

Even now, Haechan agreed it was difficult to perform “Fire Truck” for that particular dance move. He admitted, “It’s been seven years now, and that choreography is the hardest since we debuted.

Proving they’re experienced professionals, the members found a way to safely perform the hard choreography and make it look effortless.