NCT 127’s Yuta Treats Fans To A Peek At His New Tattoos And Body Piercing

He showed them for the first time.

Although NCT 127‘s Yuta has been open about having a couple of tattoos, he drove fans wild by recently revealing them along with a body piercing.


During a performance of their track “Lemonade”, one dance move lifted Yuta’s shirt high enough for fans to get a peek at his two tattoos and body piercing.

Upon looking closer, it was revealed Yuta had a tattoo of a butterfly on the left side of his stomach. Since the tattoo on his right side was lower, it couldn’t be figured out even by eagle-eyed fans. This wasn’t the only time fans caught a look, either.

| 스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP/YouTube

For a performance of “Sticker”, Yuta wore a see-through shirt that gave NCTzens a better look at his butterfly tattoo.

On top of seeing more details of the lovely butterfly, everyone got to see his belly button piercing as well.

| Inkigayo

In fact, eagle-eyed fans were able to find out the exact piercing Yuta was wearing. It was a blue flower that suited Yuta perfectly.

| @yuta_nawa_la/Twitter

From long hair to piercings and tattoos, Yuta isn’t afraid to express himself. See the brief but impactful glimpse at his tattoos here.

Source: Twitter