NCT 127’s Yuta Revealed What The Group Means To Him…And His Answer Has Us Soft

Yuta holds his members dear to his heart. ❤️

NCT 127‘s Yuta revealed what NCT 127 means to him in an interview with MEN’S NON-NO, and his answer was so sweet.

| nct127/Instagram

Yuta responded first by saying NCT 127 is where he can truly be himself.

NCT 127 is the place where I can be happy, be frustrated, be down, and be enjoying myself.


Johnny (left) and Yuta (right) | nct127/Instagram

Especially since the members have been spending lots of time together (more often than usual) due to COVID-19, Yuta shared that he finds himself goofing off with his members and just having a good time. Because of these special circumstances, he has discovered new sides of his members that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to know.

| nct127/Instagram

Yuta firmly believes that he is who he is today because of his members and the experiences he’s had with them.

Whether when I am happy or sad, and even now, as the person being interviewed, everything is influenced by NCT 127. Ever since my debut and up till now, NCT 127 made me who I am.


NCT 127 are truly such a tight-knit group!