NCT 127’s Yuta Went Shirtless And NCTzens Are Not Okay

We’re not okay either 🥵

NCTzens are losing their minds for a very good reason: NCT 127‘s Yuta went shirtless in the latest episode of NCT Life!

NCT 127’s Yuta | @ yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

On this season of NCT Life, the NCT 127 members headed to Gapyeong, a mountainous region in South Korea that many city dwellers escape to for a relaxing vacation.

Only two episodes have been released so far, and we’ve seen the members play fun road trip games together on their way to Gapyeong.

We’ve also been treated to footage of the members competing against their staff for food.

Although the show’s first two episodes are filled with hilarious moments, the moment when Yuta took his shirt off stood out to many NCTzens!

Yuta and Haechan lost one of the road trip games, so they had to jump in the pool as soon as they arrived at the Gapyeong house as a penalty for losing. Yuta decided to change his shirt before jumping in the pool, which is why he was shirtless for a moment.

NCTzens took to Twitter to share their excitement over Yuta’s shirtlessness.

NCTzens definitely won’t be over this shirtless moment for a while!