NCT 127’s Latest Pictorial With Dispatch Has Fans Confused

Fans are not happy with the photos.

Recently, Dispatch released photos of NCT 127 that have fans wondering what kind of concept they were going for.

The photos are black-and-white portraits and show the members either using their own hands to touch their face or somebody else’s hand to touch their face.

Fans are confused about the concept is, wondering what on earth Dispatch was trying to do. NCTzens are also claiming that the images were poorly edited, saying that all their skin looks bad in the photos. It looks like it’s barely been touched up and fans are upset that it makes them look bad.


What on Earth are you doing with such handsome kids?

– Korean Netizen

Fans are saying that the saving grace of these photos are how handsome the members are, but had it been normal people, it would have been very strange.

Source: TheQoo


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